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Annalakshmi on the Swan works on the concept “Eat as You Like & Pay What Your Heart Wish”. When you dine at Annalakshmi, you not only feed yourself but through your generosity pay towards other individuals who may not be in a position to pay much or anything for their meal. All guests are welcome and no one is denied a meal.

Annalakshmi relies on its patrons who dine to support us by their generous contribution to meet her lease payments and support the section of Perth community who are unable to afford a meal.

Annalakshmi relies entirely on donations to host the Deepavali festival – Swan Festival of Lights ( which is a free entry event, held at the Perth foreshore. We welcome corporate sponsorship.

You may also wish to donate towards the Culinary Science division, by cash support, to run courses for the disability sector, for participants with physical / visual impairment.

 Besides dinning at Annalakshmi there are many ways guests may wish to support. You can contribute in cash or in kind by donating dry goods. For any other contributions, please discuss with the management.