Annalakshmi On the Swan comes under the umbrella of Annalakshmi Cultural Centre of WA.

In addition to serving Indian vegetarian cuisine, Annalakshmi conducts cooking demonstrations and cooking courses presented by Annalakshmi Culinary Science Division.

Annalakshmi also hosts musical and dance performances presented by its affiliated organization, Saraswati Mahavidhyalaya (SMV) and other visiting artists from India and across the globe.

As Annalakshmi  is a well established cultural centre we have the space and facilities to host and share cultural performances with our patrons.

Every year with its affiliated organization, Saraswati Mahavidhyalaya (www.smv.org.au), Annalakshmi Cultural Centre presents the yearly Deepavali festival at the Perth foreshore called “Swan Festival of Lights – Celebrating Deepavali Together”. Over 25,000 people have attend the event each year to Celebrate Deepavali Together. For further information please visit www.sfol.com.au

We have many events planned for the year. To be kept informed of our events please keep in touch by subscribing to the Annalakshmi Facebook page or Annalakshmi email mailing list. email us at : ontheswan@annalakshmi.com.au