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Foods to support your digestive health in winter when the weather is cold and wet/dry, a cooking demonstration. Spices that warm the body and foods that fuel the system.
Saraswati Mahavidhyalaya is delighted to present “GHUNGROO” on Saturday, 19th May 2018. Come enjoy a wonderful night of Kathak Dance with live Hindustani music.
Annalakshmi presents a cooking demonstration that challenges food myths, backed up by the presentation from Dr. Shyamala Vishnumohan, food scientist, nutritionist, Adjunct Associate Lecturer at UNSW, Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador as well as a consultant to the food industry.
To honour this day Annalakshmi is offering a tantalising array of dishes. An amazing 17 item buffet, for lunch and dinner- “Eat as you like and Pay as your heart desires” Start with ‘Chaat’- layers of chickpea, potato, condiments, with tamarind/ date chutney and mint/green chilli chutney. Follow with our selection of Rice, Pullau, Saatham and Chappati
Reservation are essential, particularly if you want to observe the Cooking Demonstration. Book early to avoid disappointment by calling 9221 3003, during trading hours, 12 – 2.00 PM and 6.30- 9PM. We look forward to seeing you at Annalakshmi on the Swan on Sunday, 4th March for our first cooking demonstration for 2018.
Since 2008, the Swan Festival of Lights (SFOL) – Celebrating Deepavali Together, has been illuminating the City of Perth with its vision of ‘spreading the light’ and taking its festival goers on a journey through the world with a multitude of colours, rhythms and flavours, providing a stellar experience for all the senses. The Swan Festival of Lights is celebrated in culmination of the well-known Indian festival of Deepavali (Diwali), a cultural festival celebrating the universal theme of light triumphing over darkness, celebrated by over a billion people around the globe.